Outsourcing Book-keeping

Offsite services : monthly / quarterly / half-yearly up to date bookkeeping services
  • clients send in accounting document to our office based on planned schedule

Onsite services : weekly / monthly up to date bookkeeping services
  • we send a bookkeeper to the client’s office based on planned schedule

Finalization of Account

Yearly full set of financial and management accounts
  • Finalization of yearly account
  • Preparation of accounting schedule & listing
  • Liaise with external party (company secretary, auditor, tax agent) for accounting matters

Details Backend Support

Payroll Service
  • Monthly payslip and salary payment
  • Monthly Submission: EPF, SOCSO, EIS, Tabung Haji, HRDF, MTD/PCB, and Zakat.
  • Yearly Return: Form EA & Form E

  • Monthly issue bank payment
  • Monthly cash incoming / outgoing control
  • Monthly coordination & follow up system
  • Customized operation job scope as per further discuss

Account & Finance Analysis

  • Business health assessment
  • Financial analysis & performance analysis
  • Budgeting planning & implementation
  • Expenses management reporting
  • Cashflow management reporting & support
  • Variance analysis
  • Personal / corporate tax planning
  • SME business / property loan advisory & consultancy

Outsourcing Accounting Department

Formation of in house accounting department
  • Hiring admin / account staff
  • Setup of accounting & operation workflow system
  • Resize / restructure admin & account department
  • monthly monitoring & mentorship
  • Account department staff performance analysis
  • Account department staff KPI implementation
  • Enhance Internal Reporting Skill
  • Accounting Software Technical support & Advisory

Business & Accounting Software & Setup



Autocount Accounting Software SQL Accounting Software Point of Sale (POS) System

Cloud Based Solution & Setup



Autocount/Bukku/Xero Cloud Accounting Software


Autocount/HReasily Cloud Payroll Software


Zeoniq Cloud Based Point of Sale (POS) System Fetias Operation Workflow Automation Solutions

E-Commerce Account Solution & Setup


Marketplace Seller Tools: SiteGiant/Payrecon


Website: Shopify/Easystore


Marketplace: Shopee/Lazada

App solution:

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